Key Tips to Advance Your Ping Pong Game

  • Allen Luettgen
  • August 10, 2018
  • Practice, that would be the number one tip for all those who want to improve their Ping Pong game. This holds true for any game or anything in life. Practice is the key to all!

    Key Tips to Advance Your Ping Pong Game

    Coming back to the Ping Pong game, there are a few more tips that you can take care of and deliver the best in the next match. The focus is yet another aspect which you need to work upon and read on to know more.

    Key Tips to Advance Your Ping Pong Game

    Following are the Tips and points that you need to keep in mind while playing a Ping-Pong Game:

    1. Have a good relation with the Spin

    If you wish to beat any level player on the Ping Pong, then you must know the spin on the ball. Check on the logo on the ball, if it’s blurry then this means that the spin is at coming at a higher level.

    2. Move the complete body when you hit the ball

    While you are hitting the ball in a forehand motion, make sure that you move your hips and shoulder backward during the backswing and then on the front for hitting. If you are only using your hand for hitting the ball, then you are simply wasting in the power.

    3. Sweat More Bleed Less

    This is the most favorite one of all and a good piece of advice for ping pong players. Sweat more and bleed less, only means that you need to keep up the practice and ensure that you work harder each day. This will help you in the game so that you bleed less.

    4. Join a Ping Pong Club

    If you are not getting time to invest in the game or don’t have the right gaming partner, then you could join a tennis club in that case. This will result in a good practice routine, and you could work more on your gaming skills.

    5. Eye on the opponent’s paddle

    Eye on the opponent's paddle

    This is a secret tip for all the ping pong players. Your eye should be on the opponent’s paddle instead of the ball. You could take a quick glimpse at the ball on how it is tossed in the air, and look at the paddle to understand the shot the other player is going to make.

    If you keep on looking at the ball, there are high chances of misinterpretation.

    6. Try mixing the return shots, without sticking to one kind

    For this, you need to have a good company of players or a trainer. Learn new moves and tactics, and try altering them to keep the opposite player confused.

    7. Keep it low on the returns

    When the ball is low with respect to the net, then hitting that kind of return gets difficult. You need to always make sure that you keep the game challenging and tough for the other player. Therefore, try to keep your returns as low as possible.

    These were my Tips to Advance the Ping Pong Game!

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