Adequate Contender Qualities for Coach of the Year

  • Allen Luettgen
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  • April 18, 2018
  • “A good coach will make his players see what they can be, rather than what they are” – Ara Parasheghian

    That’s how a good coach should be, capable of showing the players who they can be, instead of who they are. What all qualities that a coach must have for better contender training?

    Contender Qualities for Coach

    Adequate Contender Qualities for Coach of the Year

    It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to become a good coach. Understanding and taking care of the whole team is not an easy task, and this special task is carried out by the super cool persons who are called as Coach. So, what are the qualities that are must in a good effective coach?

    If you are planning to be one, then check the points given below – try instilling them and above all be a Kind and Gentleman among all.

    1. Attentive to all the player details & considerations

    A Good ListenerA good coach is someone who listens to their team member’s queries and concerns. Not someone who always appreciates his team members. He/She should a good listener first, and someone who acts and considers what his teammates have to say. A good coach is someone who is attentive to all the whereabouts his team, and have concern for each one of them.

    2. A coach who is still a learner & passionate about self-development

    The right coach does not stop from learning new skills. He/She will be ready to practice new things and will be open to gaining more knowledge about the game in general.

    3. Someone who builds a good coaching culture and perception

    Most of you guys may have some weird perception of coaches like he will be strict and less friendly. But a good coach will be someone who sets an example for other coaches and an inspiration for all. Someone who builds trust between a coach-team player.

    4. He/She must know his player’s strengths and weakness, who understands them rightly.

    Well, that’s easy to understand. He should know his team players completely, someone who understands their strengths and weaknesses clearly. A good coach will help the player work on the weaknesses, and make them use the strengths in the best way.

    5. Consistent with his/her work, and always organized.

    Organized Coach

    Punctual and organized all the time is another trait which you will find in a good coach. He will have a clear vision and share a fixed goal for his team. Someone who keeps up with the consistency till the goal is attained is the real coach. He will also be organized and someone for whom time is money.

    6. Proactive in nature, someone who has solutions to deal with unexpected issues

    There are chances that the team faces an issue, which was totally unexpected. A good coach will have the solution for all the problems and will try to deal with all of them in a cool way. He will provide the solution and take all the responsibilities for any issue occurred during the play. Still keeping it cool with the game!

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