England Women’s Dramatic Batting Collapse Hands India Opening ODI Win

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  • April 2, 2019
  • It was indeed a proud moment for all the Indians, watching the women’s team beating out the World Champions of England. India’s score was 202 in 49.4 overs, and England’s score 136 runs all out in 41 overs; with India winning by a lead of 66 runs.

    After setting the target of 203, team India smoothly swept away 7 wickets of England just at the score of 135 (with 40 overs completion). Next, came in Ekta Bisht who bowled the 40th over and took 3 wickets leading India to win the series.

    Women's Team Beat England at ODI Championship

    India Beats England at the ODI Championship Series

    Bisht’s bowling, however, stood out on the game, and it was the sole thing which made the second-half more interesting. It took the game on one side and another making it hard for England’s to chase the target.

    Start- England won the toss, and chose to bowl first.

    India came in for their batting and made a score 202 by the end of 49.1 overs.

    Next, came England for batting with the target score of 203 runs. The sad part was that Englands starting losing their wickets too quickly, where at one point their score was 135 runs at the loss of 7 wickets. In the next over – Ekta Bisht enters in and takes all of the remaining wickets leaving England’s score as 136.

    The first England team’s wicket was of the opener Amy Jones, that went LBW bowled by Shikha Pandey. First wicket in the second over. Heather Knight continued to lose her partners and entered into the last 10 overs with 3 wickets remaining and target of 68 runs.

    41st over, Ekta Bisht makes the entry and turns down the game with taking off all the remaining 3 wickets in just one over. She dismissed Sophie Ecclestone, the vice-captain Anya Shrubsole, and Alex Hartley everyone for ducks. This way England’s score went to an all-out stage with the score of 136 runs and 41 overs completion.

    It’s a three-match series for the ICC Women’s Championship and will continue on Monday.

    Key Tips to Advance Your Ping Pong Game

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  • August 10, 2018
  • Practice, that would be the number one tip for all those who want to improve their Ping Pong game. This holds true for any game or anything in life. Practice is the key to all!

    Key Tips to Advance Your Ping Pong Game

    Coming back to the Ping Pong game, there are a few more tips that you can take care of and deliver the best in the next match. The focus is yet another aspect which you need to work upon and read on to know more.

    Key Tips to Advance Your Ping Pong Game

    Following are the Tips and points that you need to keep in mind while playing a Ping-Pong Game:

    1. Have a good relation with the Spin

    If you wish to beat any level player on the Ping Pong, then you must know the spin on the ball. Check on the logo on the ball, if it’s blurry then this means that the spin is at coming at a higher level.

    2. Move the complete body when you hit the ball

    While you are hitting the ball in a forehand motion, make sure that you move your hips and shoulder backward during the backswing and then on the front for hitting. If you are only using your hand for hitting the ball, then you are simply wasting in the power.

    3. Sweat More Bleed Less

    This is the most favorite one of all and a good piece of advice for ping pong players. Sweat more and bleed less, only means that you need to keep up the practice and ensure that you work harder each day. This will help you in the game so that you bleed less.

    4. Join a Ping Pong Club

    If you are not getting time to invest in the game or don’t have the right gaming partner, then you could join a tennis club in that case. This will result in a good practice routine, and you could work more on your gaming skills.

    5. Eye on the opponent’s paddle

    Eye on the opponent's paddle

    This is a secret tip for all the ping pong players. Your eye should be on the opponent’s paddle instead of the ball. You could take a quick glimpse at the ball on how it is tossed in the air, and look at the paddle to understand the shot the other player is going to make.

    If you keep on looking at the ball, there are high chances of misinterpretation.

    6. Try mixing the return shots, without sticking to one kind

    For this, you need to have a good company of players or a trainer. Learn new moves and tactics, and try altering them to keep the opposite player confused.

    7. Keep it low on the returns

    When the ball is low with respect to the net, then hitting that kind of return gets difficult. You need to always make sure that you keep the game challenging and tough for the other player. Therefore, try to keep your returns as low as possible.

    These were my Tips to Advance the Ping Pong Game!

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    Adequate Contender Qualities for Coach of the Year

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  • April 18, 2018
  • “A good coach will make his players see what they can be, rather than what they are” – Ara Parasheghian

    That’s how a good coach should be, capable of showing the players who they can be, instead of who they are. What all qualities that a coach must have for better contender training?

    Contender Qualities for Coach

    Adequate Contender Qualities for Coach of the Year

    It takes a lot of knowledge and experience to become a good coach. Understanding and taking care of the whole team is not an easy task, and this special task is carried out by the super cool persons who are called as Coach. So, what are the qualities that are must in a good effective coach?

    If you are planning to be one, then check the points given below – try instilling them and above all be a Kind and Gentleman among all.

    1. Attentive to all the player details & considerations

    A Good ListenerA good coach is someone who listens to their team member’s queries and concerns. Not someone who always appreciates his team members. He/She should a good listener first, and someone who acts and considers what his teammates have to say. A good coach is someone who is attentive to all the whereabouts his team, and have concern for each one of them.

    2. A coach who is still a learner & passionate about self-development

    The right coach does not stop from learning new skills. He/She will be ready to practice new things and will be open to gaining more knowledge about the game in general.

    3. Someone who builds a good coaching culture and perception

    Most of you guys may have some weird perception of coaches like he will be strict and less friendly. But a good coach will be someone who sets an example for other coaches and an inspiration for all. Someone who builds trust between a coach-team player.

    4. He/She must know his player’s strengths and weakness, who understands them rightly.

    Well, that’s easy to understand. He should know his team players completely, someone who understands their strengths and weaknesses clearly. A good coach will help the player work on the weaknesses, and make them use the strengths in the best way.

    5. Consistent with his/her work, and always organized.

    Organized Coach

    Punctual and organized all the time is another trait which you will find in a good coach. He will have a clear vision and share a fixed goal for his team. Someone who keeps up with the consistency till the goal is attained is the real coach. He will also be organized and someone for whom time is money.

    6. Proactive in nature, someone who has solutions to deal with unexpected issues

    There are chances that the team faces an issue, which was totally unexpected. A good coach will have the solution for all the problems and will try to deal with all of them in a cool way. He will provide the solution and take all the responsibilities for any issue occurred during the play. Still keeping it cool with the game!

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    What One Basketball Game Taught me?

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  • April 1, 2018
  • It is important to include any one form of the sport in your life, as it keeps you fit both physically as well as mentally. They help in strengthening the body and also teaches many real-life lessons on the go.

    So, if you want to teach your kiddos about morals and other life lesson stuff, then it would be better to get them join any sport of their choice. This will give them the chance to learn the skills in a practical way.

    One Basketball Game Taught me

    What One Basketball Game Taught me

    A good basketball team will have a good coordination among the team members. The game planning will change according to the situation, so the team must have a good understanding to get the team wins the game. So, the number one point which the Basketball teaches is understanding. Other than understanding, there are many aspects and qualities which you can learn with this game. They are given as:

    • Believe in Yourself

    This one is the biggest life lesson that basketball teaches you. That is to believe in yourself, and your vision. If you want to win a game, you need to have some belief in your game and also in your team. So, in the same manner, you need to have some belief in your values and skills in order to succeed in life.

    • Being responsible and more attentive to details

    If you get knocked down in your life, then you need to analyze the reasons and mistakes behind it. If you have a hard time in the game, then you need to analyze it properly and take proper steps to improve them. You can apply this to real life scenario too; analyzing your failures and working on improving it. That’s how you should deal with your problems.

    • Have the confidence and Try to face that you are served with.Have the confidence

    This one is a bit connected with believing in oneself. First, you need to believe in your skills and build up some confidence for the game. As a good old saying goes ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’. You just can’t run away or avoid the obstacles in your life and on the field. So, build up the confidence and learn How to Face the challenges.

    • Losing is part of the game

    It’s not always about the winning, but in fact, failures are the ones which teach you more important lessons, isn’t it? The point is you should be capable of dealing both the failures and success just in the same way. If you had a victory, then celebrate but make sure that you double practice on the game for keeping the win consistent.

    Now, if you lose the game then don’t be disheartened by it. Work more hard, and give your best shot for the next.

    • Play the game not for just competition, but also for the love of the game.

    give your best shot

    Gaming should never be played just for the competition, but also for the love you have got for the game. When you are having some passion for a sport, work or just anything in general, you will try to make out some time for it from your busy schedule.

    Now, if you are confused with finding your passion, just go with the flow and try to love what you are doing.

    • Obstacles will remain temporary, what matters is your attitude towards it.

    You need to build up your attitude and the way you deal with the problems of your life. You will face a lot of situations and other obstacles during the basketball matches that will test your attitude. With the right attitude, you could deal with the issue more easily and in a cool way. It is important to keep this in mind throughout your life.

    • Time Management

    Gaming develops a habit of understanding the importance of time and make it useful in a constructive way. You have to eliminate out all the resting time of yours and use them for the right purpose. If you are still pursuing your education, then with the sports you could learn how to balance both the studies and the playing duration.